LabPath – Fiber Raceway System

The fiber raceway systems offer the greatest breadth of optical raceway products in the industry. FiberGuide systems add greater flexibility and drive down installation time to ensure a smooth deployment… Continue reading

LabPath – Mesh Wire Tray

LabPath Mesh Wire tray system is Foldable, Adjustable, Stackable, and Tool-less, providing many options to manage cables in Data Center, Food Industry,Wind Power Industry, Plant, Building, Bank, Hospital, Chemical Industry, Air port, Oil&Gas projects… Continue reading

Singlemode Fiber – ITU-T G.657 A.1

ITU-T The long-time leader in optical single-mode fibre and cable standardization Recommendation ITU-T G.657: “Characteristics of a bending-loss insensitive single-mode optical fibre and cable for the Access network… Continue reading

Flex Angle Boot

Kabellab LabPatch-FO flex angle boots for SC and LC fiber optic connectors are available on any single-mode or multimode patch cord. They are designed so the installer can pre-bend the boot into any direction or angle. This position is maintained for optimal network performance but, can… Continue reading