LabPath – Mesh Wire Tray

LabPath Mesh Wire tray system is Foldable, Adjustable, Stackable, and Tool-less, providing many options to manage cables in Data Center, Food Industry,Wind Power Industry, Plant, Building, Bank, Hospital, Chemical Industry, Air port, Oil&Gas projects.

Wire mesh cable trays are used extensively for data cables and low voltage installations, steel wire tray has become increasingly popular with installers thanks to its ease of use, flexibility and lightweight structure. They are appropriate for Sensitive cables such as control cables, optical cables, telecommunication cables, etc.

The Installation time of mesh trays is reduced and no expensive preformed fittings have to be specially planned for or ordered. Fast, simple shaping can be carried out entirely on site. A bolt cutter, screw driver and a wrench are the only tools required to create the most complex of cable runs. A wide range of unique supports improves installation time even more. The tray is so easy to  manipulate, one person can install a system unaided.

Data centers

Data centers are the foundations of enterprises, vital to the daily operation of the entire organization. Virtualization, smart buildings, unified computing systems and cloud computing have combined to make the data center the neural hub of the company. Networks are requiring greater security, capacity, and more in-depth processing to support these expanding roles. LabPath offers its best qualified wire basket tray and fiber runner with UL CUL CE Certificate for data center solutions, to facilitate these expanding roles with attention to network performance, growth and power. LabPath provides data center solutions with wire mesh cable tray and fiber runner.

Economic pressures, high labor costs and compressed schedules continue to mount, and electrical contractors are no exception to these challenges. In response to these pressures, you need improved means and methods to complete projects on-time and on-budget. Electrical infrastructure products and systems that have productivity “designed in” can help address issues such as: schedule acceleration, new project delivery methods, a shortage of skilled craftspeople and a decline in productivity.

Cost of power

The costs of data center power, cooling and real estate must be managed to maximize energy efficiency, while still improving operational efficiency.

Data growth

The explosive growth of data storage requires a strategy that expands capacity, while still aligning with an organization’s cost containment goals.

Network performance

Network infrastructures need to be upgraded to meet not only current demands, but also anticipate the next generation of network requirements.

Cable Pathways

LabPath cable tray is the world’s most specified, optimizing your cable management in open pathways.


As a special finance enterprise with main business on monetary, it is convenient to raise and flow fund. Now LabPath wire mesh cable tray also had been used for bank industry.Electro Zinc Plating finish wire mesh cable tray is the best choice for this area.The landmark project-Ping An Bank and ABC.

Every bank includes lot of data lines, and these lines will cause high temperature. Our wire mesh cable tray have good heat dissipation effect to prevent fire accident in data centers.


Air safety is an important concern in the operation of an airport, and almost every airfield includes equipments and procedures for handling emergency situations.

lots of lines like electric wire , network cable, and power cable, etc are used in airport. Safe of theses lines will decide the safe of ariport and safe of all passangers. Our LabPath produces reliable cable basket to make sure the safety in Airport.


The hospital & Hotel industry has undergone substantial change in recent years, with a strong shift towards high-end, heavily serviced buildings where concepts of quality, which all use cable trays manufacturer. Value, sophistication and branding are key to success. This is true in hospital, hotels, arenas, concert halls, sports stadiums and across the spectrum of leisure facilities where world-class facilities and smart technology and infrastructure are essential . Over the past 9 years, Kabellab LabPath’s cable trays manufacturer has delivered to a large number of global bespoke projects in the hospital, Hotel and Leisure sector. In that time, Kabellab LabPath’s cable trays manufacturer have arrived at a very mature understanding to understand our clients’ aspirations and expectations, and to help them deliver the values and standards they cherish, and provide professional solution.