Fiber Optic Raceway


Cover Plate for all the Fiber Raceway

Cabinet Top Stand

Stand put on Top of Cabinet for Supporting Fiber Tray Entrance to Cabinet

Hanging Bar

Hanging support kits

Big Cable Exit Kit

Big Movable Cable Exit Kit

Cable Exit Kit

Flexible Cable Exit Tube with Adapter

End Cap

Terminal End Closed Cover Plate

Internal Riser 45°

Internal Down Stream 45° Adapter

External Riser 45°

45° External Riser for Up Stream or Down Stream


Terminal End Trumpet


240mm to 120mm Straight Tray Reducer

240 to 120 Level TEE

Horizontal Tee Reducer from 240mm to 120mm Level Tee

240 to 120 Vertical TEE

Middle Drop Vertical Tee from 240mm to 120mm Reducer

Horizontal Cross

Horizontal Crossing Joint

Horizontal Tee

Horizontal Tee Joint

90° Horizontal Bend

Horizontal Bending Joint


Tray Jointing Connector

Straight Fiber Tray

Fiber Raceway Straight Cable Tray