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Simplify The Way Things Are Done


Established in 2009, our history began with the idea that no matter how good a car you may have, without good a road, there can never be a good driving experience. And thus, without a proper cabling solution, an organization cannot connect to the world. Kabellab is here to assist.

Kabellab produces high quality products that ensures customer gets maximum value in their investment. Product ranges from quality, robust network cables to server containment solutions, Kabellab guarantees in delivering data centre quality solution for your organization. 

In its span of establishment, Kabellab have served various industries and our products and logos are featured in institutions such as finance, education, health, government and defense. Our range of customers showcase the standard and compliance of Kabellab products and solutions as well as its suitability in all manners of usage. 

Through all the technological changes in history, the rights and the mistakes, the opportunities and challenges, there is only one thing that have kept us going and continue our journey, that is our ideas.



Ever since its establishment, Kabellab focuses on providing world class technological products with creative innovations that allow clients to achieve their desired business objectives with the added simplicity and convenience of use. 

Kabellab strives to exemplify its Co-Founder’s mild-mannered personality that believed in simplicity in appearance yet being able to achieve a lot through creativity and move forward through innovations.

Her believes became the philosophy of the company.

And she believed in being Simple and Nice.


In Loving Memory of TLM,

the Co-Founder of Kabellab.

1978 - 2017

Inspiration comes from experience.

Kabellab products have been designed through practical experience of deployments by our engineers. Merging this with thorough research in robust materials and modern techniques, the results are products that maximizes value to customers. 


Specialist in

Industrial Creativity & Customisation
Simplicity In Mind
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